Help! Supplement Issue

<p>I applied to the School of Engineering at NU through Questbridge. That meant I had to mail in my supplement since commonapp wasnt necessary. I recently wanted to change my desired major to bio sci, which means that I would have to apply to the School of Arts and Sciences. I cant contact NU UGADM right now because of the holidays, but I just wanted to ask the general public if they have any info. Am I allowed to change applications, or am I bound to my application for the School of Engineering?</p>

<p>They will understand. Mail/fax/email a copy BEFORE the deadline -> January 2nd with a cover note (or email message) explaining. I sent in an edited copy before my November 1 deadline.</p>

<p>^email them. But I've also heard that switching schools is very easy too, so don't feel like you are locked into engineering v. Wcas. (from an Ed 2016 wildcat)</p>

<p>There is absolutely no problem in switching majors or schools if your grades are good enough (and by good enough, I mean "sufficient"). Switching into WCAS is likely the easiest switch on top of that. </p>

<p>However, go ahead and email the office... shouldn't be a big deal, and might be worth it so as to allow yourself to attend the WCAS orientation rather than the McCormick orientation during Wildcat Welcome.</p>