Help! Syracuse Newhouse/USC

<p>Hey everyone I am a freshman at a community college and am looking at majoring in broadcast journalism. Although I won't be transferring till 2013, I would like to know what both require and how many transfer students get in, etc. Also, are they more lenient on transfer students? I am in my first semester and so far so good and am in Phi Theta Kappa the honor society at my college. Everyone's advice is welcome, so please I need info!</p>

<p>Annenberg and Newhouse are quite competitive for transfers (and in general!)</p>

<p>Here is a thread from a few years ago about Newhouse:
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<p>Another thread that may be of assistance:
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<p>Here's the 2011 USC acceptance thread. I looked through and just looked at the stats of each Annenberg applicant and went from there:
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<p>Also, Syracuse does interviews for transfers as well, while USC does not. So it'll probably be some major brownie points if you look into an interview for next year. You should look into that early on because I missed my only chance to interview for me (which was ironically today!!) because I didn't find out that transfers were allowed until, well, yesterday. LOL. On top of that, from the research I've done, Syracuse really likes prospective students to be in contact. ie - visits, e-mails, phone calls, especially. Mmm.. I read in a past few threads that students who are admitted to Syracuse but not Newhouse can change to Newhouse as an internal transfer... but the way this system works is (apparently) the person/people with the highest GPA.</p>

<p>Thank you for the info it means a lot. I am surprised though in the USC transfer threads that some students were denied with a 4.0 GPA. That makes me think if I do end up getting a 4.0 if that will be enough. Sorry to hear you missed your interview, maybe reschedule?</p>

<p>Thanks again!</p>