Help! Teachers union in "work to rule" no reccomendations can be written

Our school district’s teacher’s union voted to not renew the contracts because the new conditions were bad (and they were). So now the teachers have to follow their contracts to the letter (“Work to rule”), and writing reccomendations aren’t part of the contracts. They’re considered overtime, and teachers don’t get overtime. One of my recommendations got written over the weekend, before they went to work to rule, but the second one has not been written. If this doesn’t get resolved before my applications go out what am I supposed to tell colleges? My applications go out in a month to 2 months, and there’s no end to this in sight. I requested recs as soon as I could; what do I do?

<p>I would call or email each of your colleges, explain the situation, and ask them what they want you to do. Maybe someone here will have better advice for you. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this.</p>

<p>Do you know any teachers that have left the system? If they are teaching in a different district, they may be able to help. Or have you had a student teacher? In our district a certain amount of time each week is supposed to be for counseling and meeting with parents or students. Maybe you can convince a teacher to use that time to help you out (since it is part of the scheduled day). Just tossing out ideas. If none of these work, I would get other adults to write a recommendation (employer, minister, community service supervisor) and append a note to your application explaining the situation.
Your best resource is to call the schools you plan on applying to and ask for their guidance.</p>

<p>You have to let the college know why the letter is missing if this situation is not resolved in time. Just getting a random adult to write it (or a teacher that wasn't teaching you in the last 2 years) will look really bad if they don't know your situation - they'll assume that you could not find any current teacher that would recommend you... Sorry you have to deal with it now - senior year is stressful enough without it...
Another thing you could do is ask your GC to explain in his letter why your second rec. may be late or missing...</p>

<p>Does no one else think this is an outrage? The colleges REQUIRE recommendations from teachers and to use innocent students as pawns is reprehensible. I asked my kids' teachers about this (two who wrote recs) and they were horrified. They said it never even occurred to them that doing this was part of a job description....and I need to add that I am on public record as being VERY pro teacher, but this just amazes me.</p>

<p>Outrage Yes, but rember that recs arnt very important. Colleges usually read less then 10% of recs and that is only for border line students. Call the colleges, explain your situation, and do whatever they say.</p>

<p>Have you tried asking the teachers personally? I remember "work to rule" all too well. It is a bad idea, IMO, and causes a lot of ill feelings between students (and their parents) and teachers--much more than picketing or striking. My oldest was a senior when they did it here a few years ago. This was the same year the high school switched to block schedule. So, there were problems that needed to worked out--not a good time to "work to rule" (if there is such a thing as a good time for that!). In fact, that year was bad enough that our other kids are now going to a private high school.</p>

<p>For some reason the elementary teachers and many of the junior high teachers didn't follow the "work to rule" so much. They ran their clubs and such with the attitude of "this is not my job, but it is something that I as a member of the community volunteer to do, just as many of the parents who also work at other jobs volunteer their time here." However some of the high school teachers followed it to the letter. My son was also told that writing recommendations wasn't part of the job by one teacher. Somehow he got recommendations, though. I don't remember the details because it was four years ago, but I believe they were from his teachers. So, I guess it depends really on how the teachers as a group and individually are choosing to interpret "work to rule." I would try asking the teachers if they will write a recommendation, and if they say no, ask what they recommend you do! I'm betting that you'll find a couple of teachers who will do it for you. If not, I guess the guidance counselors or administrators will do something for you.</p>

<p>All of this is coming straight from the teachers. Because of work to rule they apparently have no time. I've emailed the admissions counselor for Stonehill, because that's one of the schools that I'll have a problem with (many of my schools only require 1, 2 are recommended), to see what would be the best way to deal with this situation.
And to add to the problem, we faced reaccredidation this year. If the committee couldn't manage to look past the physical appearance of the school (they're in the process of adding a new wing, new 2nd gym, and upgrading all the plumbing, heating, ventilation, and sprinkler systems) and the city/teacher issues recommendations may be the last of my concerns.</p>