HElp, they won’t give a decision

Hi guys. So I applied to the College of Wooster back in November for early action and they were supposed to give me a decision by December 31st. Then i mailed them and they said that they would give me one by mid jan. Again I mailed and they asked if I wanted to commit ED2 and I told them I was content with my EA application. Then again they said they’ll let me know by the end of January and today is February 1st. What should I do? I have no decision from them. Why do you think they are doing this?

It’s not personal. Theyre just behind/slow. Weird gambit to try to get you to flip to ED, though.

I have a friend who applied in January for RD and he already got accepted. They seem to be stalling with mine only .

Ask your guidance counselor to call them.