help (transcript)

<p>I know I have post this question on the old forum.. but I just want to make sure...</p>

<p>I have bad grades in Physical education and choir (because of the MYP grading, which puts motivation / hard working only 10% of the grade).. Previously the teacher will give better grade because I have done my best (at least around 75-80).. but I have moved to another high school.. and I don't know what to do.. should I ask my new councilor (in the new high school) to explain this? or should I explain this by myself? </p>

<p>and I just receive my sat scores (im an international)</p>

<p>1st try: 1050
2nd try: 1170
3rth try: 1210</p>

<p>I dont know whether I can increase my score again, but I have registered the sat on november for my fourth try.. should I just send my score right now.. or should I take the november and then send my score.. Im just afraid that my scores will be below 1210 (around 1000-1100 again) especially since I dont have the time to study for the November SAT. Anyone can give me any advice? Thanks alot!</p>

<p>Where are you aiming for? That helps.. a tad.</p>

<p>hm.. I know Im aiming a bit high</p>

<p>my reach:</p>

<p>Occidental College
New York University
University of Rochester</p>


U Connecticut</p>