HELP! Transfer Requirements

<p>Well to tell you the truth I'm an International student in the US doing my Pre-Med, However the University that I am in as off now isn't quite satisfying to me, Could some please tell me the requirements for a transfer?
Would I have to go through my SAT's all over again? As I do plan to apply to John Hopkins.</p>

<p>You need to check the websites of each of the places that you will apply to. Some will not require an ACT/SAT score. Others will. Some will not accept those exams if you take them after starting college.</p>

<p>You do know that it will be extremely difficult to get into med school here as an international student, don’t you? When you make your transfer list, ask the pre-med advisor about that. You need to study where they have a good record for placing internationals in med school.</p>