Help transfering to UCs

<p>Hi guys. I just wanted some guidance for the SOP for transferring to UCs. Im looking at UCB and UCLA for mechanical engineering (aerospace at UCLA). What else do I have to do besides fulfillthe requirements listed on Do they look at my SAT scores? How important is my transfer GPA?
Im planning on going home to the Philippines this summer for some missionary work but I was also considering just taking programming classes since I need those to transfer but I can't realistically take them next fall without compromising my GPA.
So far I'm doing alright. Im in a CCC btw.
1st sem GPA: 4.0
2nd sem GPA: 3.6-3.87 (projected)
idk what that would be cumulative.
thanks for your help</p>

<p>anyone? sorry for the double post</p>