HELP!!!!!!! UCSD Financial Aid Verification Workseet Late

<p>I am freaking out I just called UCSD financial Aid office today and then told me they did not award me my financial Aid because I sent the verification back late. The reason why my verification worksheet was late because they needed it corrected and sent it to an address that they should not have. I use my PMB box to get all my mail including the acceptence letters and all communication through UCSD and they send it to a family members house instead. I sent them the verification as soon as I got it with a letter explaning why I am sending the worksheet back late. When I spoke to the financial Aid office today they said that I reccived basically no fasfa money I was supposed to reccive about $13,000.00 now I have no money. I have no idea what to do! They said to submit an appeal to the financial Aid office but even with that they said they may not give me any money regardless. Has this happened to anyone before? If I file an appeal would they give me some money or is it just a lost cause? Should I apply for a loan but I would need a loan of over $13,000.00 dollars. Right now I am completely lost I have no idea what to do.</p>

<p>I called the financial aid office today and they said I turned in my verification form late too... They told me about the appeal but said they reviewed those in August? I got very little scholarship money because they said I turned it in late. No UCSD grant and federal work study program either! I'm really panicking, should I take out those loans? I mean I have to get over 14k worth through parent loans if thats the better rate.... and over 5k loans personally.... How does the appeal system even work?! They'll just mark it against you as your carelessness of not turning things on time or early... or being careful enough to send it to the correct place........ please someone help... are there other options? What can you possible write in an appeal about being late?!</p>

<p>It's terrible what happened to you but with all due respect this was your responsibility to take care of. The financial aid office isn't going to care that you gave them the wrong address. You should definitely file an appeal in hopes of recouping any aid that might be left over but, frankly, this late in the game means that many have already expended institutional aid. You can still get Stafford loans and any federal grants you are entitled thereas to wit, but with regards to any money from the college your inability to meet their deadline will cost you this week. </p>

<p>With regards as to what to say, unless you have a legitimate error on the part of the financial aid office, it might be impossible for them to give you any money. They don't have an unlimited supply of resources, especially a state school like UCSD. </p>

<p>With regards to the loans: Are you sure you want to borrow the entire cost of attendance? Parent Plus laons are generally better than private-based loans, but even so that's a lot of interest to pay, and if you have three years (and potentially more, depending on how long it takes someone like you to graduate -- your programme of study such as accounting or law might be longer than 4 years --) that's a lot of debt.</p>

<p>If the appeal doesnt pan out, your best bet might be to find a cheaper CC to attend for the first year and transfer earlier.</p>

<p>I put my mailing address at the PMB box thats where I got all my information when you sign up with UCSD they ask for a mailing address and thats the one I gave. They should not have used the other address thats why I signed up for the mailing address. I just want to know what typically happens in these cases so I can try to resolve this. I am a bio major at revelle college I could waste another year at a CC and Maybe get in to my college again. Is it possible for me to reccive at least half of the aid and when would I know if I was approved or denied? The paper work was sent a week in a half late.</p>

<p>Although I dunno if it is due to a mislocation of the mail or being late, I just opened my official, fin-aid pack and found out that my UCSD Grant of $11,000 and this Academic Competitiveness Grant of almost a thousand have disappeared from the list. I called a friend and she told me that she didn't get this problem. </p>

<p>I'm not quite sure who to call, can someone give me a phone number? when I called for the area code 858 of the UCSD fin-aid phone number somehow it says its invalid. So maybe there's an online option of contacting them?</p>

<p>Was this so hard? Financial</a> Aid</p>

<p>Financial Aid Office
Phone: (858) 534-4480
Fax: (858) 534-5459
<a href=""></a></p>

<p>Make sure you dial 1 before the 858.</p>

<p>The email basically said that my funidng was approved and they will award me 12,673.00 orginally i was going to be awarded 13,540.00. I dont care I am so happy seriously thank god. So the email also said that this is a one time thing only that they would forgive me so ppl pay attention to the deadlines, I have defenatily learned my lesson.</p>