HELP! Updated College List

Hi everyone.
Hear me out pleaseeeee. So far, I’ve gotten acceptances from both Pace and Fordham University. Pace has given me a very generous scholarship, I would love to go to Fordham but so far only got the Metro Grant (10k). Ive also applied ea to St.Johns and Adelphi and should be hearing back soon. Im submitting rd to NYU and Cornell. I would like to stay in New York but I am open to submitting to more colleges in New England. (Northeastern, Bc, Bu) Maybe Gw or Georgetown, I know these schools are good for polysci and internships. Ive also been thinking about Columbia since I could commute. Im not saying I could get into these schools because I know there are much more qualified students. These are reach schools and I know that. So, if you could please look at my stats and give me safety or target schools that I could potentially get scholarships from. Id appreciate that a lot.

-test-optional, not submitting sat score.
-weighted gpa, 3.8
-school does not rank students.
-very career oriented student, major: polysci
-President of my schools Law Club.I worked with a law firm in Manhattan to prepare for moot and mock trail competitions. Traveled there bi-weekly. 3 years.
-Polish school student. Over 10 years. Top of class. Fluent.
-Girls Varsity Tennis. 3 years.
-Community Service, I tutored a child during blended learning. Helped with any issues he might face academically and mentally.
-strong common app essay and strong supplements.

What is your unweighted GPA, core courses only?

Is the net cost of Pace affordable? What is your budget?

Have you applied to any SUNYs or CUNYs?

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Yes, I am applying to Stony Brook, and a few of the cunys. All my classes were honors and I took 7 ap classes. My parents will pay up to 25,000 out of pocket and the rest will either be scholarships or a loan. So yes, pace is affordable since with my scholarship there my parents will cover everything. ( I will be living at home so dooming costs are out.)

What about Fairfield, Sacred Heart, Marist and Manhattan?

Marist I have also been considering. Thank you for the other recommendations.

You sound like you will do well at many schools and I commend your work ethic and career focus.

However, unless you are an underrepresented minority or plan to be recruited for tennis, don’t waste your time and money on applying to Columbia (or probably Georgetown). I have seen too many students with an unweighted 4.0, 1500+ SAT, 12+ APs, a four-year varsity sport, lifetime of music, community service, clubs (including leadership), etc. get rejected by ivies (minus Cornell if you’re in NY). All colleges will tell you you have a chance because more applicants mean better numbers for them. In reality, these schools are looking for outrageous accomplishments, national or international competition winners, etc…

You sound like you’re on the right track and you’ll be very successful. Just stay grounded and don’t get distracted by the shiny illusions out there.

Since Pace has admitted you and is affordable, it’s your safety (if you haven’t, make sure to get into the Honors College). Congratulations!
Only apply to another safety you consider equally interesting.
SUNY Albany (Honors) could be your other safety.
You can try and apply to Northeastern and American University (very preprofessional student bodies).

What’s your unweighted GPA?
What’s your parents’ income (to see whether you’d qualify for financial aid at meet need colleges or whether you strictly need merit aid).

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Thank for your reply and the advice! The only ivy I will be applying to is Cornells college of Human Ecology. Totally agree to stay grounded. College is what you make out of it and is not entirely about the name on the diploma.


Thank you for your reply. Just got admitted into another safety two days ago, St.Johns University. Received $28,000 per year which makes it less then 14,000 to pay per year.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure I will not get much aid. Parents combined income is around 240,000.

College of Human Ecology at Cornell is a terrific deal for NYS residents. Indeed you wouldn’t get any aid beside the federal loans but since Human Ecology is a contract college you’d pay much less than most and it’s an excellent value.
Fingers crossed!

But if all goes wrong, you have your choice now between St John’s and Pace. Which do you like best?

Slightly leaning towards Pace. I do think Pace gives access to more internships and networking opportunities. I also really like their study abroad programs- specifically the University of Warsaw one. St.Johns does not offer it.

@nycgirlxo would you commute to St John’s? What was the scholarship amount from Pace? Like stated above, certainly look into the honors program at Pace, as well as St John’s. Wait for the other offers to come in so you can compare but it sounds like you have a solid list and don’t need to add any more schools to the mix. Good luck!!

I agree on that assessment (Pace v. ST john’s) but you should inquire about the Honirs peogram if you’re not in already (quite a few benefits).

Yes, I would commute to St.Johns. Scholarship at Pace was 25,000 per year. And yes, definitely waiting for all the offers to come in to make a final decision. Thank you!

I do have the grades for it so I will look into it. Thank you!

Pace+Honors would give you access to the best opportunities in the city. Since it’s affordable, it’d be an outstanding safety and you could relax, apply widely for your matches and reaches. :slight_smile: