HELP! UPenn potential transfer...

<p>So I just got admitted to UPenn for a transfer next September 2011 (woo!). However, Im really torn on what to do. I am currently a sophomore at UCLA, and dislike the school for many reasons, but have made a really good core group of friends that I am reluctant to give up. I guess what Im asking is what is Penn like as a transfer? What aspects dominate the social scene? Coming from UCLA, one of the reasons I am discontent with it is the dominance of greek life over the social scene. I know Penn is also a greek school, but am unsure to what extent. How personalized is the educational experience? Any information will help!! </p>


<li>What's your major? (for the education experience question)</li>
<li>You have made a really good core group of friends, but the dominance of Greek life over the social scene still affects you to the point you want to transfer?
I'm asking that because, generally, I would think that the greek life thing would be mostly an issue because you couldn't find good friends and have fun without joining in. However, you say you have this core group of friends. So what is about the social scene you don't like? I don't know UCLA at all, so I can't really say how Penn might be different or similar.</li>

<p>Penn is a Greek school, and I guess I'm technically greek since I'm in a business frat/a lot of my friends are in it...but...a ton of my friends also aren't 'greek.' A lot of those friends also have nothing to do with Greek Life. A lot of times, the organizations you join end up being your social sphere to an extent (but only to an extent). So another good question would be, what do you plan on getting involved in? (or what are you involved in at UCLA?)
Social scene in general...if you're coming in as a junior, you probably won't be going to a lot of frat parties, rather, probably more house parties (thrown by friends). There are also downtowns...which are often, but not always, thrown by frats/sororities, but anyone can go. Downtowns are when a group rents out a club, so they're like regular parties in a way, but higher class/with a bar. Philly obviously has a lot of things to do as a city, and public transportation is pretty convenient/cabs are cheap.</p>

<li><p>Psychobiology...I got admitted into the Biological Basis of Behavior program at Penn.</p></li>
<li><p>And I guess my concern with the whole Greek scene at LA is that when I came here, I felt a lot of pressure to be a part of it when I didnt want to join. I tried UCLA being in a frat and not being in a frat, and realized that the social scene (going out, partying, etc.) was very segregated in the sense that there were little opportunities for those not involved in Greek life.</p></li>