Help urgent...

<p>Hello cc friends...
here is y stats 3.4gpa 33act
my list so far( i have already applied)
U of pitt.
indiana bloo.
U florida
u texas austin
here is my problem;I've heard a lot of students complaining about public school saying that the class are too big the professros are "cold" and because of the student body size is hard to get involved in research , internship....
I wanted to go to a small private school but they are so expensive and i wouldn't receive any fin. aid(i'm international student transfer) that's why i choosed publics schools but now i'm a little afraid.Do you guys have any idea of others schools worth applaying?
I'm gonna major in science( don't know exactly what)
would like to do a minor in film or french
would prefer in or near a big city
stdy abroad programs and plenty internship</p>

<p>I think every one of your schools may be different but since you are a transfer it is likely that some of the larger classes at state school can be avoided. Once you get into your major field things tend to pare down quickly, at schools I'm familiar with anyway. Don't stress too much. Just spend your worry time in the course catalog and on (or similar) and you'll get an idea of what you want to take at each school. </p>

<p>You'll be fine.</p>

<p>Off the top of my head and not being familiar with transfer scholarships or scholarships/aid for foreign students or app deadlines - Lake Forest, Oglethorpe, Rhodes, Occidental would be some LAC's to look at .</p>

<p>thank you so much...</p>

<p>Those are all urban, with good academics, fine reps, with a range of selectivity and aid. Others to look at might include Macalester (lots of internationals) , maybe Millsaps, Southwestern in Texas (near enough to Austin). Urban is taxing me somewhat and then I keep thinking about aid. See if any of those hold any interest to you and I'll be thinking. </p>

<p>Remember, my position is your first list is fine. You just have to do a lot more "legwork" in preparation to have the experience you want to have. At an LAC, some of those things (small classes etc ) may come easier but there are trade-offs between uni's and LAC's that only you can make.</p>

<p>university of oregon: 13.896 tuition+ 6.252 room and board
16.00+- studenst.I like it
University of Minnesota:Too big i've already applyied to UT austin, u florida ...
Temple university: tuition13.856+ 7.112 room and board
21.429 students.Not bad at all
SMU: comprehensive fee: 29.896
6.210 students, located in dallas9good).Reputation??what do you guys think??
Rhodes college:tuition plus room and board, 29.320
1.541 students, memphis TN
Pepperdine University:
Comprehensive fee;34.400
3.153 students Malibu,CA
What do you guys think?I have no ideia how good academically those schools are, and what about their reputation??more suggestions are welcome</p>

<p>hello?????i need to apply today-</p>

<p>I would certainly add Oregon. (are you sure those $ are correct? ) You like it so why not apply? Like I said before Occidental and Macalester have a substantial foreign student population on very diverse campuses. They must be doing something right.</p>

<p>My kid goes to Rhodes so obviously I have a high opinion of what it offers. </p>

<p>Not a large town but maybe a possible great choice would be U of Arkansas. They have tons of $ and they might really want you. Great honors program extras and a livable campus. Also check out UT-Dallas . They have high standards and low rates. Again, I know nothing about transfers or transfer aid or foreign student aid.</p>

<p>Off the top of my head I think Boulder is as expensive as many private colleges for out of state residents. You might double check what the non resident tuition is at those public schools.</p>

<p>That was my point , too . :( Those Oregon numbers didn't look right to me.</p>

<p>Ok so here is where i'm now:
UC-boulder> room and board 8,300 +tuition 23,539
+ I really like the state of colorado, the weather ,strong in sciences great college town
- a lot of drugs(from what i heard), not too friend student body( little snoby, little diversification)</p>

<p>UW-seattle :tuition 14,868 +6,570 room and board
+location, good academics, diverse student body
- weather(rains too much)</p>

<p>UT-austin ; tuition 9180 +5975 room and board
+strong academics, great school spirit, nice college town(austin) and very friend student body, cost
-Weather( the humidity kills me) and the size.</p>

<p>Indiana university bloom.; tuition 15,184 + 5,676 room and board
+ Strong in sciences, nice weather, beautiful campus, friendly student body</p>

<p>U of pittsburgh: tuition 16,676 + 6,470 room and board
+ Not as big as the oher schools i'm applying, I really like pittsburgh, nice weather, diverse student body</p>

<p>University of florida: tuition 12,046 + 5,640 room and boar
+Strong academics, firendly student body, great school spirit
-Weather(too humid), location( far from a big city)
Ps: all the data came from the book four year colleges thomson , peterson's</p>

<p>Now i would like to add 2 or 3 schools</p>

<p>On the UW website an estimated cost for non resident students including books and transportation is 32,820.</p>

<p>You're at least a grand short on the UT tuition. Nonresident undergraduate tuition for 12+ hours ranges from just over $10,000 to $14,000 depending on the college. Btw...I find Austin to be a lot drier than the Gulf Coast. Still very hot in the summer, but extremely nice, mild winters. (Well.... except this week.... Right now, it seems the entire State of Texas is wearing a coat of ice.)</p>

<p>Out of state admissions is getting pretty competitive at UT, but definitely go for it.</p>

<p>"UC-boulder> room and board 8,300 +tuition 23,539
+ I really like the state of colorado, the weather ,strong in sciences great college town
- a lot of drugs(from what i heard), not too friend student body( little snoby, little diversification)"</p>

<p>My D is a freshman at CU-Boulder. Your "pluses" are pretty much right on except for THIS YEAR'S weather. Boulder received almost 4 feet of snow in the month of December alone. It took my D almost 2 days after she finished her final exams to get home (we live less than 2 hours away). So we are a very cold state this winter! But we have 360+ days of sunshine each year and that's a real plus!</p>

<p>As for your "minuses" - D doesn't do drugs but she does know that they are available. She's got some pot-smoking neighbors on the top floor of her dorm, but that's the extent of her personal knowledge. As for alcohol, it's mainly off campus parties where it's available, although some kids smuggle beer into their dorm rooms on occasion. Seems to me to be pretty much the average state college experience. </p>

<p>I disagree about your perception of the student body's lack of friendliness. D has made a vast number of new friends from over the country in just one semester. I would say that CU-Boulder is not as diverse as SOME state universities, but it's probably just about as diverse as MOST of them. In fact, most of your perceived negatives about CU could be attributed to most "State U"s. </p>

<p>Good luck with the application process.</p>

<p>Btw...if you are interested in life sciences, pre-med, public health etc..., you may try UNC-Chapel Hill. For the prestige, it is a very good deal financially; and transfer admissions is not nearly as competitive as freshman admissions. Also, I notice you are from Brazil. If you are Hispanic, this is definitely an edge working in your favor at UNC.</p>

<p>You can check out student-faculty rations on the USNews website.</p>

<p>how about geneseo in ny? It's a small state school - LAC-like in feel and a great deal. Weather is quite cold. And not to much happening up there - but you would get small classes and a quality education. Just a thought.</p>