Help us Choose: Kalamazoo or Denison!

Help us choose between Kalamazoo or Denison. Kalamazoo will likely be a lot less expensive but Denison is her top choice. We can afford both so don’t want to send her to Kalamazoo based on money alone.

You student needs to make this choice. Our kids made lists of pros and cons between their close first and second choices. This helped them see in writing what they both liked and didn’t like about each school.

Then the kid made the choice. We completely stayed out of it during the choice process. But then…we were part of the choosing about where to apply…and we parents agreed that any school our kids got accepted to was on the table. (Finances had been discussed before applications).

So have your kid make that pro and con list. Then relax…and don’t even discuss it.

Our kids had EA acceptances by the beginning of December and both made their final matriculation choices at the end of April. No rush…and so much can change between now and May.


My son is at Denison and loves it, but I’ve heard great things about Kalamazoo as well. Why does she lean towards Denison?

If you say Denison is her top choice and you can afford it, it seems the question is answered.

Now if you said Denison is her top choice, we can afford it but we’re not sure we want to, then you need to decide what you’re willing to spend.

Kalamazoo goes deep. I’ve read $42k deep in merit. It’s more city with WMU next door where Denison is in a small town.

You asked a question with no context provided.

Based on what you wrote, Denison. If my kid - K College because I’m about value. But you are not me. :slight_smile:

Best of luck to your student.


You say you don’t want to send her to Kalamazoo based on money alone.

Some families go for the least costly option regardless of whether that is the students favorite or not.

We vetted schools before applications were sent, and it sounds like you did as well…in terms of cost.

If cost isn’t a factor for you, please let your kid decide.


Visit Kalamazoo and make sure to understand the K-plan. It’s not for everyone. My stepson went to Kalamazoo and, FWIW, he had a great college experience.


We did visit and were impressed w the k plan. Just not sure about the area itself. High crime rate etc. Denison is top choice but Kzoo is lot less expensive with the offer she received.

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There’s another post about Temple and safety running right now.

Your baby will be away for the first time.

No matter what the student chooses, there will be something to stress about.

If that something were safety, it would be amplified.

If you can afford Dennison as you said you can, you might want to go that route.

As a parent it would be crushing if you knew your daughter was constantly worried about her safety. Or you were about her.

Or get with K and find out the resources they have to keep students safe.

K is in a city and neighbors a large college so it’s part of that life. My daughter is in a bigger city with lots of drunkenness and I worry every night she walks back from the library.

Make sure you can handle that constant ‘concern.’

You started with you student would rather go to Dennison. Is your daughter on board with your plan to flip her ?

The colleges seem different. Dennison was the first school I visited with my daughter and I found the campus large for such a small school. And obviously it’s a small town away from society.

If yours likes that then K may not be right. On the other hand if they want city life, K may be better.

Also K will be a bit colder if that’s a concern.

Good luck. It’s really a personal decision.

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Based on U.S. News, Denison (850 acres) is 14 times larger than Kalamazoo (60 acres).

Makes total sense. It was our first visit - that and Ohio State and I kept thinking for a school with a population of a high school was just insanely big. And my daughter didn’t like. Of course she’s at a city school. Makes sense. Thx for data.

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That Denison number is not quite apples to apples. The actual campus is 250 acres. There is also a 350 acre biological reserve and Denison Golf Club (the total of all is 931 acres per the Denison website).

And I love that Denison has chosen to preserve this land as opposed to selling it off. It’s a beautiful campus.