Help Very Important!!!!

<p>Chances at Rochestor,?</p>

<p>Junior - senior in a week.</p>

<p>Gpa - around 3 unweighted, 2 ap classes this year (Bio and World) World -A-/B+ Bio -B-</p>

<p>senior year- 2 Ap classes, plannning and WILL get atleast a 3.9 GPa first semester.
Senior schedule
Latin 2
Ap chem
Ap calc
World Lit</p>

newspaper- 3 years
MUN- 3 years
Started 2 club- 2 years and 4 years respectively
tennis- 4 years
Violin- 6 years
Part of organization raised over $1500 for tsunami relief
Over 150 hours of community service at hospital and 50 hours in other activites
Track team - 3 years
Voluntered as the official videographer for two cultural organizations over the last 4-5 years, and have videotaped and edited about 50 concerts, events etc
Relief work in India,
Working over the summer in a lab</p>

<p>Good Essay
GOod reccomendations</p>

<p>WHAt are my chances at rochestor?</p>


<p>MY apologies if this sounds dumb, but which Rochester? U of Rochester or RIT?
Probabyl can't help you without SAT/ACT scores, but UR sounds liek a reach. (MY gues is you're looking at that one.</p>

<p>UR, I will be taking SAT in October, planning for over 2100</p>