Help Viewing Scores?

<p>I'm trying to view my SAT scores from November 6th on, but it says I haven't registered to take the SAT yet. How do I fix this?</p>

<p>go to, click "for students" type in your user name and password on the left hand corner. Then, "my organizer" should come up and there should be like a megaphone looking thing that says next to it : your November scores are in! Then you just click view scores. Hope this helps</p>

<p>I did everything you said, but it just says "Welcome to My Organizer" next to the megaphone. When I go to the view scores page, it tells me to register. Does anyone have any other ideas?</p>

<p>alright, so in this case... under " my organizer" home page perse, scroll down to the bottom right, under the subsection "status." From there look down to "my SAT scores." Click that and a new page should come up ( possibly a security code, where you enter your username and password) after that though, a new page opens and you can scroll down and see your score.. Let me know if that works, if not you can always call collegeboard</p>