Help. Villanova vs bc! *urgent.

<p>hello all.

<p>hopefully majoring in biology
bc was my first choice- i fell in love with the campus at my visit and could see myself there- the club sports, the religious life, the happy students, not too far from home, it all felt right.</p>

<p>but then i went to nova for candidates weekend
and even though it was pouring rain
i found it really nice as well and could see myself there...i loved that there were sororities/living communities etc as well as the same kind of club sports/religious life scene
and the students were SO nice and welcoming and peppy </p>

<p>im unfortunately unable to go to accepted students day at BC because I will be away
buuut im more familiar with boston and know nothing about philly
i expected that i wouldnt like nova but checked it out anyways, almost wish i hadnt because now im torn...</p>

<p>and the problemo here
is that ive got to deposit within the next 2 days before I go away for a few weeks...
which should i choose?
they are so similar. but so different too.</p>

<p>Are there any financial considerations?</p>

<p>hi, no financial considerations right now</p>

<p>Well, in that case why not Nova? It will give you a chance to explore and be some place less familiar. I’d think that might make it a bit more exciting. And as you observed, the people there are great. </p>

<p>Full disclosure: I have a D at Nova who loves it. It did not start out being her first choice - actually, not even in her top 3 or 4 choices. However, she too became sold on it after visiting and has been having an exceptional experience. So yes, I admit to being biased :)</p>

<p>thank you for that! its really growing on me- it was not at all on my radar until i didnt get into my other top choices (ah well!) but nova accepted me and so warmly welcomed me.</p>

<p>i think my only concern is how well-equipped i will be for med school if i end up in that direction or other science majors because i know they are exceptional in their nursing and business school but not as well known for their bio/ health programs…bc’s pre-med and biology programs have seemed thus far more “prestigious” than nova’s, but im not sure where exactly i came to this conclusion.</p>

<p>anyways, thanks so much!</p>

<p>Villanova is nowhere near in the same class with BC. Go to BC ESPECIALLY if you are pre-med.</p>

<p>are there any other vast differences between the two that should sway my decision??</p>

<p>As someone who went to both accepted days I think I could help you out a bit. Basically Villanova’s ruled and BC’s sucked. At BC you showed up a certain room based on your last name (no initial meeting in the stadium or cheering students). You were given a short speech by some admissions underling (not the president of the school like at Nova). Then you were free to go to different sessions such as History, PoliSci, Bio, Senior Experiences, etc. Lunch, campus tour, dorm tour, done.</p>

<p>Overall I’ve been to 4 accepted days, BC’s was the worst, Nova’s the best. I think both schools will give you good preparation for med. school, even if BC is a bit better of a school. At Villanova I got the sense that the administration cared and that the students were very involved and loved the school. Didn’t really get explicitly that at BC, though I’m sure they do.</p>

<p>I didn’t really get “that feeling” from Villanova, so I’m more deciding between BC and Syracuse at this point, but it sounds like you like Villanova a lot, and I wouldn’t throw that away just because it and Philly are less familiar to you.</p>

<p>thank you all for your input- at this point i think im wanting people to tell me BC because thats where my parents want me to go/where ill probably end up, but i completely agree that that “feeling” is hard to find and i may have found it at nova.</p>

<p>Both are great schools, but you will have a wonderful experience at BC both in and out of the classroom. I’m the parent of a D who is a junior at BC and she has had a truly enriching experience there in all aspects. I wouldn’t judge the two schools solely based on this one event. The frosh orientation at BC was awesome!</p>

<p>I was in the same boat, I like Nova more though. Bottom line though, if you are wanting people to confirm BC for you, it is the right school for you, follow that subconscious!</p>

<p>Yeah I definitely agree with ftamanini. When I was deciding between Syracuse and BC I made a pro/con list for each. I found myself secretly hoping that BC had more pros and realized that thats because I liked it more lol. Go with the one that you feel like you would like more.</p>



<p>Yes, BC is part of the greatest college student scene in America in metro Boston. On a fall or spring evening in Boston, the sidewalks are full of college students from dozens of the top colleges in the country. I wouldn’t put much weight in how you felt about the accepted student weekend or how friendly the students seemed. The weekend is a marketing effort put together by people who’ll have no impact on your next four years, and at either campus you met less than half a percent of the student body.</p>

<p>i think im going to have to go visit BC for a day and possibly go back to nova and visit and really think this puppy through because i know i will be completely fine at either, i just want to make a choice im confident in.</p>

<p>thank you all!</p>