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<p>I am a premed student and I would really like to volunteer in a different country (preferably the Carribean or South America). I will check with my school to see if they have a program that sends students to other countries but are there any nationally know programs that:
1)allow undergraduates to participate in medical volunteering in another country
2)allow for medical research in another country
Also are there any programs that help with funding.
Thank you and any programs that you can think of or have already participated in would really help.</p>

<p>Happy Easter!</p>

<p>I almost did a summer program through Boston University that would've included volunteering in an Australian hospital. I'd check the major study abroad websites, many of them have search engines designed for internships.</p>

<p>There is definitely an internship in South America that even involves you shadowing a doctor and taking language classes (I have visited the website before) so try using google to find it.</p>