Help w/ deciding Music Industry college!!

<p>Hello everyone!! This is my first thread. Im 16 going on 17, a junior, and i live in NJ. Let me start by saying that i know there are a quite a few threads on Music Industry major, but i still feel i need answers. I want to major in Music Industry when I got to college. the problem is, i cant play any instruments. im trying to teach myself how to play the keyboard, but thats now working well. i cant afford lessons right now, either. because of my situation, i wont be able to get accepted into colleges that require an audition. Im also looking into a Communications major, but i think i want to get a Masters deg. in that. Now, i have a list of schools that im interested in, and here they are:</p>

<p>University of New Haven- B.A.Music Industry, B.A. Sound recording- both somewhat selective i think
SUNY Oneonta- Music Industry- selective no aud. Communications
Syracuse U- Bandier Program -selective, no audition-, Music Industry- requires audition. communications
Drexel U- Music Industry- selective, no aud.
Ithaca College- Sound Recording- selective, aud. Communications
Northeastern- Music Industry- very selective, no audition. Communications</p>

<p>The colleges are in order of which ones im interested in the most. Im torn btw UNH and Oneonta because i like both schools very much. The only thing is that Oneonta is Very selective, but cheap.
What i am asking is that if anyone knows of any colleges in the Northeast that have good Music Industry programs w/out an audition? Also if someone can give me experinces/ info with these colleges? And what are my chances? I haven't done that much this year because its been hard to get around this year.</p>

<p>Gpa: 3.5-3.8 (im not exactly sure)</p>

<p>Drum Corps freshman & soph year</p>

<p>3 years of working at 3 diff corporate offices (i work once a week to finance my education, it's how my school works) next year it'll be 4.</p>

<p>been on 2nd honors, honorable mention</p>

<p>on scholarship for school</p>

<p>recieved Good Citizen award freshman year</p>

<p>community service at my church freshman year and part of soph year</p>

<p>about to be stage crew for a school play this year </p>

<p>my grades are A's and B's, math is my worst subject.</p>

<p>About comm. major: should I get a Bachelors or Masters in communications? I was looking more toward Syracuse for the Masters, but should I just get it as Bachelors?</p>

<p>Sorry If i left anything out, and if you're confused just tell me! Thanks for your help.</p>

<p>You were in drum corp ... seems to be that you have an instrument. Why did you stop?</p>

<p>HAve a look at the College of St Rose in Albany. They have both a music industry and a communication program and appear to give good merit aid.</p>

<p>We stopped because the teacher who was in charge of it left. It was only less that 10 students anyway, & most of the time we met only 4 ppl showed up... it wasnt a well run club.</p>

<p>thanks StradMom, St. Rose does look interesting.</p>

<p>I would answer any questions about you playing an instrument with "I play drums" or "I have experience on drums" The reason is that sometimes the profs even in music industry want at least some background in music (understanding rythym et)- and you do have that if you were 2 years drumline.</p>

<p>You're right squiggles, thanks. I need to start practicing again though, because it's been a year since ive touched drumsticks.</p>

St Rose requires at least an audition at NYSSMA level 4 for admission which is probably a freshman or sophomore in High School level. They have recently received some very nice donations which helped them to build a new Massry Center for the Arts as well as a new music industry building. My son has done summer camps for Jazz and regular music camps at St Rose while in high school and had a great time with their faculty. They do offer nice scholarships as previously posted so with your grades you certainly should qualify for one. My son will be auditioning there later this month but has already received an academic scholarship plus a grant over an above the guaranteed scholarships listed on the website. A friend of my son's is a Music Industry major at St Rose and loves it. </p>

<p>Oneonta is a great SUNY school and with your grades you should make it if your SAT scores are within range. They do not offer very many scholarships but have lower tuition even for out of state residents. (They do not offer music ed, however.) Oneonta is in a very small town which might be a draw back.</p>

<p>Definitely visit and take some sample classes wherever you chose to apply to see if it is the right fit for you. Good luck with your search.</p>

<p>thank you Momo, i really appreciate it,. that gives me alot of hope!! I just checked out the music minors on St. Rose's website, and the Music business and Music Technology minors do not require an audition. Im checking for schools that dont require audition first just in case i can never get lessons in my instrument. Do you think I should take Music business/industry a a minor instead of a major?</p>

<p>You can always go in as a minor and take private lessons with the faculty if you wish to upgrade to a full major once you are there. As we've been traveling around auditioning this year, my son has run into at least one student at each school who is auditioning as a current college non-music major student and who had been taking lessons with the teacher privately in hopes of getting in the major. Just do what you love and continue researching your options. Best of luck!</p>

<p>thank you so much Momo! that makes me feel so much better! I appreciate it!</p>

<p>Momo or anyone else, do you know of any other colleges like St. Rose, with level 4 for admission? How can I find out myself? Do you know what levels the colleges in my 1st post are? And I looked at more colleges w/ Music Industry/ Business/ Recording and I found:</p>

<p>U Mass Lowell
Nazareth College
Millersville U</p>

<p>They each seem interesting. Can you help me find out which level these are in, too?

Once you get to the college website, navigate to the music department and look for an admissions or auditions tab. Usually they will list specific requirements for each instrument which will give you an idea of what they are looking for. Also, look at SUNY Fredonia they do not require an audition for a minor in music industry, either.</p>

<p>Ok, cool. I heard Fredonia was a good school also, and it does impress me. The Pre- Music major seems unique from other schools. I will be checking audition requirements on all of the colleges on my list all this week. one college I also have on my list is Mercy College. They do not require an audition. I think choosing the right college is the hardest thing ill ever do in my life!!</p>

<p>Belmont University's Curb School of Music Business does not require instrumental performance or audition. And it has a fantastic percussion faculty if you do decide to get back into drumming.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info honestmom, but i'm trying to stay on the east coast (NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA, possibly D.C. and NC, etc) for college. I should have mentioned that before, sorry! But i have heard great things about Belmont.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any thoughts or comments on the University of New Haven's Music Industry and Music and Sound Recording majors, and Mercy College's Music Industry & Technology major?
Also, if a college has both a Music Industry and Music Recording/Technology/Production as majors, would it make sense to double major in both areas, or would it be a waste of time, since both may have similar/same classes in each major?
Finally, does anyone know if Chowan University in N.C. requires an audition for admission?

<p>Here is a link that I've also posted elsewhere on CC for schools that are members of the Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association.<br>
For most schools it shows the degrees and majors offered and in most cases there is a link to the school's website.</p>

<p>If you want a fantastic, non-audition program with business/industry AND recording tech built into one major, I highly recommend that you look into NYU's Clive Davis Recorded Music Program. It may or may not be a stretch depending on how well you keep your grades up (they always like to see maintained GPA or improvement), but the main concern is the portfolio. You're required to submit a "creative sample," which can be videos of performances, songs you've recorded or written (performed by you or someone else), a business plan you'd like to implement, a review you wrote on an album or live show, band merchandise/flyers you've designed, etc. If you don't have any of that, now's the time to get started with it. Message me if you want some help with getting started on any of this. Their program is great; very unique. Do some research on the website if you're interested. I applied for the fall 2011 semester, and am now waiting for their admissions decision. Very excited!</p>

<p>I just remembered that Drexel has an excellent music industry program. I almost sent my S to their summer workshop last year. You do not have to be a musician to go there.</p>