Help Wanted!!!

<p>Umm I am really confused because I read that the last date for applying to the states is the 31st of december but now I have been informed that it was the 15th of October.Is this date for the early decision or for the regular admissions.Please help.</p>

<p>here's the dates:
oct. 15th-preferred deadline for EA
nov. 1st-final deadline for EA
dec. 15th-preferred deadline for RA
dec. 31st-final deadline for RA</p>

<p>(i'm not positive about the RA deadlines, though...i'm applying EA)</p>

<p>Thanks for replying.I really appreciate it.</p>

<p>Zulfi, I'm sure LAgal is right (thanks for posting, LAgal! :)), but for something as important as application deadlines, it's always best to contact the admissions office if clarification is needed. Information you read in forums may not always be correct, or, even if it is correct, it may not apply to your particular situation. Good luck with your app.</p>

<p>I agree 100% with Roger_Dooley...good luck!</p>