HELP!!! What are his chances???

<p>My son was a college prep scholar through QuestBridge but didn't make finalist this year. He wants to study actuarial math but also be able to continue w/theatre and singing. We live in a small town where most kids go to nearby state schools…Fitchburg state, UMASS Amherst, or Mount Wachusett CC if they go. Half the students don't even take the SAT's. He prefers to stay about 3 hours from home so MA, NH, CT, ME, RI…but is willing to go about 6 hrs out…NY, PA, NJ. He doesn't want to go much further than that because I have congestive heart failure that continues to decline.</p>

<p>His top schools:
Harvard (Already interviewed)
Yale (Already Interviewed)
Trinity (Already Interviewed)
Bowdoin (Attending All expense paid 4-day weekend in 2 weeks)

<p>I don't want him boxed in a corner…so if anyone thinks of a school he should apply to with his profile…please, please, please suggest! Thanks!!</p>

<p>Possible Hook: Hispanic 2nd generation US, Father 2x Veteran of Iraq War…although he won't pay a dime of college</p>

<p>My son's info:
W gpa 4.2, UW 4.0, 3rd of 101, 4 yrs Principal's List
National Hispanic Recognition Program Finalist
SAT M 680, CR 620, W 670
SATII M1 730 M2 770
AP Lang/W 3, European Hist 3
MCAS (State Assessments) Math ~Perfect Score, ELA~ Perfect Score
Fresh 3 honors avail…all taken
Soph 4 honors avail…all taken
Jr 3 honors/2 ap avail…all taken
Sr 1 horors/4 ap avail…all taken
4 yrs marching/concert band, 3 yrs band librarian, 1yr band pres, drum major
4 yrs theatre at high school~ 8 out of 10 shows performed in w/leads or supporting roles
4yrs theatre at local CC~9 shows performed in w/variety of roles from lead to ensemble
1 yr theatre at local community theatre with lead…invited to audition
Fresh/Soph class officer + Student council + Superintendents Advisory Board
Regional Advisory Board Sr yr
3 yrs soccer, 1 yr captain, coach's award recipient
2 yrs baseball, 1 yr captain
1 yr basketball
1 yr winter and spring track, 5th in league shot put
International Club~ treasurer 2 yrs, President 1 yr
Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society~ Treasurer 1r
National Honor Society ~ Treasurer 1 yr
Math Team
Varsity Letter ~ Academics, Band, Drama, Soccer, Winter Track, Spring Track
Sings church choir
Selected Regional Choir
Drama camp volunteer 2 summers
Work camp volunteer 1 summer
Town Rec league Ref 3 yrs</p>

<p>Harvard, UPenn and Yale are all reaches and very unlikely he will get in. A 1300 just isn’t high enough for those schools, and he is not a recruited athlete / have an amazing story / extreme volunteering to justify the low scores.
Dartmouth is also a reach, but not as much of one as HY or UPenn.
For Trinity I assume you mean Trinity College in CT. safe school, surely accepted
Bowdin is a match also, SAT scores really kill your sons app.
WPI - a safe school, definite in.</p>

<p>His 1300 just bars him (because he has no very different extra, talent etc) from the elite schools in the country. Not that that’s a bad thing, it just is.
For example Harvard’s middle half (25 percentile - 75 percentile) is 1380 to 1570. Yale’s is 1400-1580.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info…we have been steered in the direction of those schools by people who supposedly “know” what they are talking about. </p>

<p>I disagree that my son doesn’t have an “amazing story”…he does everything at the same time…usually 3 activities/rehearsals/practices a day 6 days a week. He also has to run the entire household…cooking, cleaning, maintainence…becasue I can’t due to my health. Do you think it would help or hurt to let them know that I won’t likely work past this year because doctors have classified me as disabled and that I’m not expected to live past 2 yrs? The only reason I’m working is because I can’t get any disability benefits until I have taught in MA for 10 yrs…working is making my condition significantly worse.</p>

<p>I think it would help for him to write something about running the entire household…cooking, cleaning, maintainence…becasue of your health problem.</p>

<p>I don’t know financially if these work- Binghamton University, Tufts, Brandeis?</p>

<p>What is he interested in studying?</p>

<p>Also…why would H/Y be contacting him, pairing him up with students, and telling him he’s the type of student they are looking for?</p>

<p>Actuarial Math</p>

<p>He has put this info in his Common App but he hasn’t submitted yeat…we were waiting for QuiestBridge until yesterday. He did put it in his QuestBridge app but I was worried that it made him seem like a risk because I’m sick.</p>

<p>A link to a list of schools with actuarial programs [SOA</a> - Undergraduate – Advanced](<a href=“]SOA”></p>

<p>He did it…admitted to UPenn through ED!!!</p>