Help! What are my chances and options?

<p>Ive recently got interested into all these college stuff and i was wondering what are my chances and options for colleges ...
Im going to be a junior this year, and my gpa right now is about a 3.4...
i can raise it to 3.5 or 3.6 cause i always screwed up in my pre calculus, but
from next year, i dont need anymore math credits. (and everything else is an A- to a B+) so i can hopefully raise my grade~~~
I havent taken the SAT yet but im striving for a score around 2000
Ive taken part in MUN, Habitat for Humanity, NGO
And also been in the Varsity soccer team since middle school and im joining both volleyball and basketball varsity teams this year.
In my junior senior year I will be Chair for MUN and become the soccer teams captain.
Im taking AP Computer Science this year, and next year hopefully AP Physcology, AP Economics Micro and Macro...
Im planning on majoring in business and some of the colleges ive looked at are
Carnige Mellon, Indianna Bloomington, UT Austin, and Wisconsin....</p>

<p>What are my chances to these colleges and are there anymore realistic possibilities?</p>