Help! What are my chances for business school?

<p>I am planning to apply for business school with my TOEFL 90+ and GMAT 600+; however, my gpa is lower than the poor, only 2.9
I wonder if I can get any chance in application for business school.
And if you may give me some pieces of advice on what sort of school should I apply?</p>

<p>Many thx!</p>

<p>If you’re looking at an MBA program, then you will need some solid work experience, at least 2 years. Most highly competitive MBA programs look for 720+ on the GMAT, so you may want to study and re-take that while building up some work experience (unless you’ve already been working for a while - can’t tell from your post).</p>

<p>Hello, Tracy. Thank you for kind consideration. Actually I am applying for several schools, including the one- Missouri. And if I have any further questions, I wonder if I could ask for any help from you.</p>

<p>Honestly, you don’t have much to add to your class discussions with no work experience beyond part-time gigs through high school/college. I know many schools do not require work experience, but they are usually lower ranking or unranked, with the exception of some programs that are built into the BA/BS, like 5-year programs. But these require strong stats in many cases.</p>

<p>However, networking is key - much more important than the grades you get or where you go. You need to get to know people, socialize and make connections. They will go a long way during and after your MBA.</p>

<p>NovaLynnx makes a good point about not being competitive for top ranked schools, that is totally right. I would add that there are many many options other than the few schools on a ranking that would take you with these stats and limited experience. The key is to look at both qualification and fit issues when you consider them. Don’t get hung up on a ranking if you can get the education and career start you want. Rankings are someone else’s opinion of what is important and they often don’t match what an applicant really needs or want in a business school. Of course better schools tend to have better career options and a network, but these exist at other schools too.</p>

<p>Good luck with your applications.</p>