Help. What college can I get into?

<p>Florida Resident , 18 Blk/Wht First Generation College </p>

<p>My 9th & 10th grade year were horrid , due to abuse , the murder of my niece, and the trial. This is reflected in my GPA which is a 3.0 uw .</p>

<p>Ap classes ; Hum Geo , World His , Apush , Lang, Psych , Lit, Euro, Stat , Gov, and Macro .. everything else was honors .</p>

<p>EC's; I'm chairman of student court, class treasure , in government club , a SkillsUsa competitor ( culinary arts ), Student Ambassador . And double certified through the National Restaurant Association(First time in school history ). </p>

<p>My grades have been on a drastic upward trend. I have always taken the most rigorous courses. I'm also planning on applying for Summer. </p>

<p>Act score : 21 I know this is bad but I just took my SAT Nov 5th . I am awaiting the results. </p>

<p>Dream school: FSU
Safety School: You tell me.</p>