HELP- what schools should I apply for??

Gpa: weighted 3.94, unweighted probably like 3.6
I am a full ib diploma candidate, I take HL Math (would have taken both calc 1&2 by end of senior year) and have gotten an A in calc1, HL business and HL biology, the rest of my courses are all SL ib classes. My grades in 9th and 10th were mostly b’s and a’s more b’s than a’s though, but junior year I got straight a’s. I pulled my gpa from 3.6 to 3.94.
Also I have done competitive gymnastics 16hrs/week since freshman year. SAT 1300/1600 without any studying and I am taking ACT in September.I have 150 hrs community service and have done an internship this summer at an electrical engineering company. I want to major in some sort of applied math. I want to live off campus and in a cold environment too.

Do these schools seem reasonable given my stats, (also it would be helpful if you could catagorize them as reach, safety, target:) )

-University of Michigan (both of my parents are alumni also)
-University of Wisconsin Madison
-Purdue University
-university of Washington
-Cornell (reach ik)