HELP. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Making high school transfer decision?

<p>I just got kicked out of my high school which was one of the best in the country.</p>

<p>I have a choice: Go to my pretty good town high school where I was bullied and tormented and that I hated or go to a dumb high school that has low standards and very dumb students and not have kids on my level.</p>

<p>Which will give me a better chance at getting into a good college?</p>

<p>why did you get kicked out?</p>

<p>People still bully in high school? Maybe "which will give me a better chance at getting into a good college" isn't the best question you should be asking at this point. </p>

<p>Priorities: </p>

<p>1). Dwell on why you got kicked out.
2). Dwell on why you get bullied at your old school.
3). Dwell on why you think you stand at a higher level than kids from the "dumb high school"
4342). Dwell on the best way to cook a filet mignon.
4343). Dwell on which school will give me a better chance at getting into a good college</p>

<p>Oh... and for your information, I went to a public high school that was ranked bottom ten percent in the state. The kids had low scores, and came from a bad neighborhood, but they were all very nice kids who didn't form cliques or bully others. Maybe you should look at one situation as an opportunity.</p>

<p>Go with the second choice. Lower standards mean that when compared to your classmates you'll appear exceptional. The school where you have poor history at isn't worth the emotional stress. Having to leave a school after being kicked out of another won't be seen favorably by and Amissions counselor.</p>