HELP! Will I get rescinded?

<p>I received a D in AP English this year, but I got accepted into UC Irvince already... Will I get rescinded? How much of a chance will I get rescinded?</p>

<p>My friend is in the same situation, but going to Merced!</p>

<p>contact the office of admissions for uc irvine and tell them the situation asap. If you look more closely at the conditions of you admitance, you should find steps to follow for the situation.</p>

<p>Well, since it's AP English they might have mercy on you if you beg them. But I'm not so sure because I know most of the UC's are very strict when it comes to senior year grades. I don't really know how strict UC Irvine is but you should call them up and talk to them about it. Don't email then though because all they do is email and automated message telling you to meet the conditions of admission, calling them would be a better option.</p>

<p>Another tip I would give you is to beg the teacher. Most teachers do care and have a heart and if you tell them that this will revoke your admission to the school, they might be sympathetic and help you. I know several of my teachers would definitely raise my grade if I was in your situation. If you have to, cry to the teacher. Also, try and bring your parents in to talk to the teacher.</p>

<p>Well. Since English is an A-G requirement course for all four years, UCI will probably show no mercy because of that.</p>

<p>The most important thing to do:** CALL THEM! CALL UCI NOW! AND I MEAN, NOW! See what you can do in order to retain your admission, whether you make it up via independent study or clean their office for 24094238092 hours. . . work this out with your counselor. **</p>

<p>I am in the exact same situation as you, except for I am going to UCSB. I was proactive, and explained my case already. Looks like I am still going to UCSB. </p>

<p>call. now. seriously. be open to all options before it is too late.</p>

<p>the thing is, I talked to him, and then I talked to him with my mom (and I did cry...though not on purpose...), and then my dad talked to him. Heck, my dad even went to complain to the principal and the vice principal about the teacher because the teacher had assured me I'd get at least a C- but now he won't change it. So I don't really know...=.=</p>

<p>@The "hairy" lemon, I'm wondering what your major is, because my major is English so I'm not really sure if I'll be okay...;A;</p>

<p>You are majoring in English and you got a D?? You are right to be concerned. That could be a very big problem. You need to call UCI ASAP. By the way, what happened? If you are majoring in English, it must be a strong subject for you. As a mom, this seems odd to me....</p>

<p>do you still have an overall 3.0 gpa or no?</p>

<p>Durian, I am currently "Undeclared." </p>

<p>Is the english class the only class you are having trouble with? Are all the other classes OK? (A's & B's, no more than one C.) </p>

<p>If anything, make sure your GPA is 3.0+ weighted. </p>

<p>when is your graduation date spikey?</p>

<p>@mom English was the hardest class for me, cause the AP English teacher is the hardest in the school; although I have to admit I slacked off a bit... </p>

<p>@ball and lemon: I have over a 3.0 or a bit more gpa overall, since I think I'll have As and Bs in my other classes. I graduated last friday.</p>

<p>Ah, I see. Good life lesson then..... I am assuming you got the slacking out of your system???? :-)</p>