Help! Will I receive Math 1A credit if I took Math 150 at CSUF?

<p>My AP Calc class is a joint program between my school and Cal State Fullerton. I don't have my transcript with me, but is it possible to skip out of Math 1A and head straight to 1B? Basically, are the credits transferable and does Math 150 equate to Math 1A?</p>

<p>I already checked <a href=""&gt;;/a> , Cal State's aren't there for Berkeley.</p>

<p>That's weird that it doesn't transfer. I'd recommend emailing your adviser/counselor about whether it transfers. There are also ways to petition for credit from other institutions (usually used for studying abroad), so I'd assume it'd be safe to go straight to 1B if you're confident and Math 150 covered the usual first semester calculus stuff. But yeah... email a member of the staff to make sure.</p>

<p>Yes it should. Assist is not designed to match the Cal States and UCs. (A similar question is 150 at UCLA?).</p>

<p>But e-mail the Cal math department to confirm.</p>

<p>thanks, everyone! will it matter if i'm in engineering?</p>

<p>email the Math department.</p>

<p>UC-UC and CSU-UC reciprocity exists, but they don't often publish it on</p>

<p>Yes it does. I asked the Assistant Dean in the College of Chemistry and apparently Cal State to UC credits aren't listed because is usually meant for transfers between community colleges to cal state or UC, not between cal state and UC. More specifically, credits for Calc 1 and 2 transfer.</p>

<p>Ah thank you guys so much! </p>

<p>If I tell the advisers at CalSO that I passed those classes (I don't have a transcript), do you think they will let me sign up for Math 1B?</p>

<p>I don't see any reason why they wouldn't let you sign up for Math 1B. Just tell them that you already have cal state credit for Math 1A.</p>

<p>I took the same course at h.s and wanted to see if i could skip math 16a or 1a for that matter. I emailed the math department yesterday and got a response today. Here is the response...</p>

<p>"You'll have to have equivalency determined between the course you took and our Math 16A or 16B. But it will probably cover at least 16A. You might enroll in 16B for the fall semester. If you intend to take more math than just a first-year sequence of calculus, you should consider taking the Math 1 series. Again, you could probably start with Math 1B. The 1 series is quite a bit tougher than the 16 series, but it's the one you'd want if you were intending to major in a physical science, or wanted to go on to multivariable calculus, linear algebra, etc."</p>

<p>So yeah.. I think you can go straight to 1B if you are confident. I heard 1B is really horrible and more difficult than one might think so i suggest you review 1a material over the summer.</p>

<p>^^sure, but don't forget that the 16 series has all the (competitive) premeds!</p>

<p>^^Not accurate, either a majority or a significant plurality of premeds are MCB. MCB requires the 1-series (unless you have Calc BC credit) I have also heard that if you do one the MCB 102 tracks you can get a waiver allowing one to do the 16-series withour BC credit, but I cannot verify it.</p>

<p>What is the advantage of re-taking Math 1A at Cal if you have the AP credit to get into Math 1B? Aren't they both tough weeder courses anyway? And Math 1A is mostly derivation techniques and not integration techniques right? Will re-taking Math 1A help you in Math 1B at all?</p>

<p>most health professional schools (e.g. Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, etc.) want you to have taken calculus at college, so that is why people end up retaking Math 1/16 here. It most likely true that a plurality of the campus would identify as pre-health</p>

<p>so should CoE students just skip Math 1A since it's such a weeder class if they can? (I'm in the CoE) and thanks.</p>

<p>1A and 1B are weeder classes. From what I hear Math 1B is really tough compared to 1A. If possible, you should skip both.</p>

<p>haha not possible, only took AP Calc AB... I signed up for Math 1B with Bourgoin. Should I consider switching to Smith?</p>

<p>eyeheartphysics: I don't see Bourgoin or Smith on the online schedule, only Persson and Vojta. Where do you see them?</p>

<p>@Jteh: I'm FPF. =p</p>

<p>Hey! I have a similar question. I am going to UCLA in the fall and I was in this Fullerton Program in HS. I was wondering I would get exempt from the math placement test and what math class would I go into if i do. I actually emailed the math department today. Help!</p>