Help with advanced standing!

<p>According to Minerva this morning, i got admitted to Arts faculty. But how do i check whether my A-levels would grant me advanced standing to enter the second year?</p>

<p>Congratulations! Check this page for your particular situation: </p>

<p>Advanced</a> Level & Advanced Subsidiary Examinations</p>

<p>Sorry for not being clear earlier on; i meant whether my eligibility for advanced standing would be stated in the original letter of acceptance itself or?</p>

<p>I <em>think</em> I remember reading somewhere that you get notified closer to the time (in summer) that you have been put forward for Advanced Standing. However it may be best to email/call them to find out, I wouldn't mind knowing myself :)</p>

<p>Chance me please!
IB predict: 40 points.
GPA: 3.6 Unweighted (senior grades)
sophomore / junior - between 3.3 and 3.4
SAT score: 1650 out of 2400. I know its low! but I heard McGill focuses more on IB points than SAT scores. I probably won't send them in at all!
Applying to faculty of education! thanks!
and I am an international applicant.</p>

<p>Just checked with them, and its all cleared up now. Thanks anyway!</p>

<p>For everyone's information, you might be required to ask your local exam board to send your A level/IB/AP results to McGill in order to be considered for advanced standing.</p>

<p>When do they notify you that you are entering U1 not U0, did they say?</p>

<p>Nah they didn't. But they hinted that exceptional A level results would qualify for advanced standing.</p>

<p>Little late, but in the late summer months (like August, near frosh) , go into Minerva and have a look at your unonifficial transcript and scroll down. They usually start listing which classes you have credit for. As for classification of U1 or U0, it's usually up to the advisors to figure that out with you based on the amount of advanced credit you have.</p>

<p>I just checked Minerva; it now allows you to selet Summer 2012 as your term. For me it says "Your Classification for registration purposes is UG Level Year 1 New."</p>

<p>Seems it's already done for me.</p>

<p>@ oscarUK: shouldn't it be UG Year 2???</p>

<p>I presume as McGill uses the scale U0 - U1 - U2 - U3 that Year 1 would correspond to U1 not U0... I could be wrong however.</p>