Help with applying to USC (literally)

<p>I am going to be a senior this year and naturally I am applying to schools in the fall. I wanted to look at the audition requirements for the USC Thornton School of Music at this site USC</a> Thornton School of Music : Admission: Steps for Applying: Fall 2010 and it says fall 2010, must be received by December 1, 2009. Did they not update the site? Is it a typo???</p>

<p>I'm almost certain it's a typo. My suggestion would be to email the school at <a href=""></a> and make sure it is a typo so they can change the webpage and help fellow applicants. :)</p>

<p>My guess is that they just haven't updated the page yet. It should be "Fall 2011" as well as "December 1, 2010".</p>

<p>MissNiki, based on your previous posts, you will be applying to some competitive conservatory level audition based music programs. Unlike the "normal" academic college application process you will face a broad range of dates and requirements for music admissions. Each institution will have its own parameters and timetable. </p>

<p>While the date listed is in all probability a typo or has not yet been updated, the first rule is to contact the music admissions department if information is nebulous, conflicting, or unclear.
Please do not rely on this (or any) forum as the definitive answer.</p>

<p>While I do suggest you direct music questions to the music major forum, be aware that often parameters change from year to year. Do not assume anything, especially when it comes to prescreening requirements, audition procedures or repertoire.</p>

<p>There's no typo or anything, guys. That page has instructions for applying for the academic year starting in Fall of 2010. That's this August-December. A student starting their senior year of high school this fall will be applying for next year, Fall 2011. I'd guess the dates will be like what Somestudent2 said.</p>

<p>As Serapher says, the site just hasn't been updated for 2011 yet. </p>

<p>A VERY important note for Thornton applicants - the December 1st due date is NOT a postmark date for Thornton applicants - all materials and the online application must have **arrived **at USC by that date, so please plan to submit everything well in advance of December 1st.</p>

<p>(For general USC admission, the December 1st date for scholarship consideration is a "postmarked-by date.")</p>