HELP with broad essay for Bucknell

<p>Bucknell has a prompt that is "What are the three most important things Bucknell's faculty and students should know about you?" which allows you to write three 1400 character (250 word-ish) essays to answer. </p>

<p>this is my first try.... it's VERY rough. What are your impressions/critiques/likes? Thank you!!!</p>

<p>The importance of balance struck me at my grandfather’s ninetieth birthday party. As a former California State Senator, he was exalted for his political achievements by many guests who spoke. I was proud and fascinated, though the seriousness of the speeches began to feel heavy – after all, it was supposed to be a party – and then my aunt stood up. </p>

<p>With nearly tangible love and joy, she spoke of her father’s quirkier side; his lessons that fried leftover spaghetti makes a good breakfast, and that a rock or book can be a pillow, in a pinch. Her amusing words and tender tone contrasted with and complemented the serious words of previous speakers, and I realized the effect my grandfather’s balanced personality has had upon his life and the people he loves, including me.</p>

<p>I like to think that I share this equilibrium of personality. Like my grandfather, I have a serious, studious side, and also a relaxed, humor-loving, lighthearted side. I devote myself to my schoolwork and plans for the future, but also to being a loving, fun, thoughtful person. I think such balance is crucial in life; in a career, diligence and concentration are key, and in other parts of life – family, relationships – sociability and the ability to relax are just as important. I try to keep both aspects of my personality in my life equally whenever I can, and hope that, together, they will help me to be a happy, successful, considerate person.</p>

<p>Here are my thoughts:</p>

<p>The prompt asks for 3 things. I can’t clearly tell from your post about these 3 things.</p>

<p>The first 2 paragraphs are about your grandfather, but Admissions wants to know about YOU.</p>

<p>Wouldn’t it be interesting imagining your aunt giving a speech about you that clearly talks the 3 most important things about you…mm I wonder what she would say…</p>

<p>Hope this helps. Good luck! :)</p>

<p>I agree, this seems like a great essay, but it totally misses the point of the prompt (3, presumably different, important things about you)</p>

<p>this is only about ONE thing. there will be three separate essays, each about a different thing.</p>