Help with BS Decision

<p>I was accepted at Middlesex and waitlisted at Choate, SPS, Lawrenceville, Groton, and Hotchkiss. Although I was accepted at Middlesex, it was my last choice since it seems more a liberal arts school (or that seems to be its strongest field) and I'm more a math/science person. Also, I just didn't feel like I belonged there. It's also kind of a stretch because they didn't seem to have given me FA although I applied for it..</p>

<p>Now I don't know if I should go to Middlesex rather than just wait to see if I get off the waitlist for a school. I know the chances are very slim, but Lawrenceville said that I would probably be one of the first people offered admission (hopefully with FA? <em>crosses fingers</em>). I also have an older sister, and I don't want to drain my family's money so we won't have enough for colleges... what do you guys think I should do?</p>

<p>You don't have to make a decision until close to 4/11. If you have a favorite, I'd contact them and tell them so. If that's L'ville maybe you already did. Best to put it in writing. No school will want to call you with a WL offer and have it rejected. Meanwhile, look through Middlesex's course catalog. It's a fine school, and unless you're doing Math Olympics, you'll probably find plenty to keep you busy in their math and science departments. You might also contact your AO at Middlesex and ask if he/she can put you in touch with faculty in the math/science departments after you've closely reviewed their course catalog.</p>

<p>Oops, I almost omitted the most important part! Do the Middlesex revisit!</p>

<p>I think K above gave good advice. After having done all that, I think you need to sit down and look at your opportunities. Is it better to stay at public school if that is an option and reapply to those schools you can see yourself at for next year? or is Middlesex indeed your opportunity and it is a better choice (more academic rigor, etc.) than your local ps option?</p>

<p>It's tricky. It may be that this is your best opportunity, then it will be up to you re what you make of it. You can always reapply from Middlesex and I think as a potential transfer student you may have a leg up on the competition as adcoms will know that you can handle the independence of a boarding school. We've been reassured by many BSs that kids reapply from other BSs all the time and no one takes it personally. Just be prepared that even though you may be a better candidate the second time around, you could still end up just as unlucky and on multiple wait lists.</p>

<p>Although my son did not get into his first choice, it would have been too much pressure to give up several good opportunities and stay put in his public high school (which was in itself a good school in the top 100 ps), at a chance to reapply to his top choice. So he went and has been very happy. Again, it is a tough lesson to learn, but my family is learning that a school is just a school; no school can guarantee placement into your choice college, or heart's desire college, and any school can be a great opportunity...again it's what you bring to the experience.</p>

<p>Finally, we are learning also, not to apply to any school that you would not be happy to attend. Visit as many as you want, but when you hit the send button make sure if accepted, you think you will attend. There's alwasys 'cold feet' but if you know you would not be happy there at the time of the application and would rather stay with what you got, I would cross it off your list.</p>

<p>As I just mentioned to some one else; this falls under the importance of imagining your self at all the schools to which you apply. I'm confident that once you're there, you'll enjoy and thrive at MX and wonder why you ever thought otherwise. It is an amazing and terrific school. The teachers will challenge and push you to new levels. The most important aspect at MX and all the boarding schools is to get involved with the schools EC's. Less than 20% of applicants get off the waitlist. Middlesex is a once in a life time opportunity that less than 1% of all High School students in the entire country are offered. Best of luck!</p>

<p>Middlesex is a fine school. Did you call the FA office to confirm any aide?</p>

<p>thank you all for your answers, but I declined the offer because I could not afford to go since they did not offer me any FA...</p>

<p>Reapply, and good luck in finding the right place for you.</p>

<p>Just because Middlesex is more "liberal arts" orientated, doesn't mean there Math department is lacking. It just means the English is stronger.</p>