<p>Honest opinions on my chances
White Male
Intended Major- East Asian Studies
Rank 48/359 (top 13%)
Sats 1430
US History 780
Writing 710
Literature 800
Chinese 790
Every year I've taken the hardest courses available from the school except in math and physics, why because I have a huge learning disability (thank you jewish genes for making sure all the stereotypical learning disabilities Jews have are stuck with me -_-)
Biology A
English I B+
Chinese I A
Introduction to Business A-
Global Studies A-
Creative Writing I A
Creative Writing II A
Algebra I A-
Gym A
Health A</p>

<p>GPA 3.782</p>


<p>Chemistry Honors B+
English II A
Chinese II A
A.P. U.S. History I B
Debate B
Drama B
Marketing A-
Driver Ed. A-
Gym A
Geometry B</p>

<p>GPA 3.778</p>


<p>Chinese 3 Honors A
A.P. U.S. History II A-
A.P. Chemistry B+
A.P. English III B
Algebra II B
Sociology A-
Health A
Gym A</p>

<p>GPA 4.2</p>

<p>Totaled GPA 3.92</p>


<p>A.P. Biology
Chinese 4 Honors
A.P. English 4
A.P. Euro History


<p>National Honor Society 2 Years</p>

<p>Chinese Honor Society Vice President 1 Year (Creator of CHS tutoring service and Chinese tutor)</p>

<p>Community ESL (English as a Second Language) program Founder and President 1 Year (Teacher for Mandarin speakers: organization is student run for members of the community who want to learn English) </p>

<p>Chinese Teacher at Hua Xia Chinese School 1 Year</p>

<p>Young Writers Club Founder and President 3 Years</p>

<p>Amnesty International Financial Coordinator 2 Years</p>

<p>Volunteer at Temple B’nai Abraham 4 Years</p>

<p>Academic Team 4 Years Co-Captain 1 Year</p>

<p>Forensics Club 4 Years</p>

<p>Chinese Tutor 2 Years</p>

<p>Studying in China for 6 Weeks Studying: Mandarin, Cantonese, Daoism, Legalism, Confucianism, Chinese Communism, General Chinese History, Minorities of China, Buddhism, Chinese Medicine Theory, Chinese Agricultural Theories and Techniques, Human Rights Crisis in China, Chosen Focus of Study: Mandarin, Cantonese </p>

<p>JV Tennis 2 Years (Unable to play anymore after damaging my rotator cuff)</p>

<p>One of the four student reps and only non-heritage speaker to be invited to a banquet with Beijing diplomats</p>

<p>Languages studying as of right now: Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Fujian, Taiwanese, Shanghainese</p>

<p>Employed at local Haagen Dasz store (owners are Chinese and only speak to me in mandarin, shanghainese, and Taiwanese)</p>

<p>Writer/ Chinese Poetry </p>

<p>Self Studied: Dao De Jing, Art of War, Wu-Tzu, Six Secret Teachings of the Tai K’ung, Military Methods of the Art of War, Ssu-Ma Fa, Wei Liao-Tzu, Three Strategies of the Huang- Shih kung, Questions and Replies T’ang T’ai – tsung and Li Wei-kung</p>

Temple B’Nai Abraham PTA award for Best All Around Student</p>

<p>Temple B’Nai Abraham Herman Greenberg Men’s Club Award for Most Community Service By a High School Student</p>

<p>4 Amazing Recs
1 Kickass essay (everyone who has read it including a professor from Columbia swooned over it)</p>

<p>I'd say you have a great chance</p>

<p>I agree you have a great chance because you have a stated major and shown you are for real by taking all the Chinese courses and related EC. I might add, Asian studies have become more popular in recent years due to the growing prominence of China as a global power. Good luck to your admission and future career if you choose to pursue for the betterment of East-West relation.</p>

<p>Ok, turn off the caps lock. You'll be fine.</p>

<p>I was thinking of taking their new major next year chinese studies but I enjoy studying Japanese and my sensei would be most displeased if I turned my back on Japanese. Im going to do the special sub major East Azn Studies so i can continue with canto,mando and jappa.</p>