Help with choosing math class and admission questions

Last year (11th grade) I’ve completed AP calculus BC and this year (12th grade) I was planning on doing PSEO math except none of the calculus classes fit my schedule. So I was wondering If I should take AP stat or take an open hour? I’m not sure reaching AP calculus BC counts as 4 years. Also will It look better on my application if i take one PSEO class, being intro to programming? The college I’m trying to get into is the University of Minnesota twin cities.

Here is this admission guidelines if it helps

Or instead of Open hour I could also aide for a teacher so it’ll look better.

It’s unlikely to make a difference as far as admissions to UM-TC, but if you are planning to major in any type of STEM, I’d take something math-related instead of nothing. Any type of academic class, depending on your overall schedule, is better than an open period or teacher’s aide.

Yea you’re right, I’m planning to major in computer engineering so math is better than no math

@EndJustice, UM CSE (the college that houses computer engineering) is quite competitive, so definitely keep taking math. Where are you doing your other PSEO classes? Is Calc II offered there & can you make it work schedule-wise? I know at Concordia, they don’t offer Calc II first semester, so my D17 (who took AP Calc AB last year in 11th grade) is taking a Prob Stat course instead. It’s not ideal, but she’s also taking calc-based physics, so at least she’ll be keeping her calculus chops up.

Can you take calculus-based stats?

PSEO Programming since you’re planning to go into STEM, and ESPECIALLY if you’re applying to UMNTC, where it’s super competitive.
See if you can take PSEO Calc2 in the Spring.
Write PSEO PRogramming Fall semester, PSEO Calc2 second semester, and you’re good to go!