Help with Common App and Naviance

I am not clear on how applications submitted through the Common App intersect with Naviance. My kid submitted an application to University of Arizona yesterday. He had this college listed on his “Colleges I’m Applying To” list in Naviance, but did not have the application type selected. He made this change today for U of A in Naviance, but now I’m concerned that there will be some confusion because he submitted the application through the Common App before he indicated Common App as the delivery format in Naviance. No transcripts or letters of recommendation are required for U of A, so what other materials for U of A would be submitted through Naviance?

Will there be any mix ups with his application because of this issue in his Naviance account?

Hi there, some others on here may have your exact answer but I can tell you that when my D was having issues between Common App and Naviance she contacted her school guidance counselor and her counselor fixed everything quickly. (We are at a school where the counselors are very stretched but this stuff seems to be high priority, which is nice). Maybe try that route? Good luck!