Help with common app. essay

<p>I decided I want to completely redo my essay. seven days is enough time to redo it, hopefully. Anyways I'm doing my common app. essay on the first prompt. My ideas are talking about my volunteer experience at a therapeutic riding center, agility with my dog and how I can work with others better because I began to teach agility classes, working for a perfectionist which was really annoying. Or I could talk about having to create my own dance two days before the final, because I got kicked out of the dance group (there was drama), and having to perform in front of my class by myself. My last idea was talking about how I became more tolerant because my friend's parents came out. I am really close to them, they are like second parents to me. thanks for the help everyone.</p>

<p>or for the ethical dilemma one I could talk about when someone cheated off of me in chemistry last year, and I was called to the office and I had to decide how much I would let them now. after they were caught the person told me she had cheated off my final and used her phone on the test we both had to retake since she had cheated off of me.</p>


<p>(too short)</p>

<p>Honestly, people online shouldn't be the ones that decide what your main common app topic should be. Just choose the one that you feel most confident writing about. If I were you though, I would avoid writing about the cheating on the chemistry test.</p>

<p>The way I wrote it sounds like I cheated, but someone copied the answer off of me. after we had to take a retest she told me she had used her phone on the retest and that she had copied off my first semester final. i was in an "ethical dilemma" because I wasn't sure if I should turn in a friend, but I was mad that she copied off me. I would never cheat, especially in chemistry, that class isn't hard if you study.</p>