Help with Common App Essay

<p>Hi, I working on the common app essay and I doing "Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international conern and its importance to you". I had a quick idea and made a rough draft of the essay but I think its too simple compared to some of the other application essays I've read. Could someone read my rough draft or help me with my idea. I'll pm them, thanks a lot. I'll be happy to read other's essays.</p>

<p>The best way to write a successful essay that is as open ended as commonapp is just to write. Write about anything and everything you want, then print them all out and read them. Find a connection within all your stories and ideas, and then write a final essay where you encompass what it truly means to be you. A lot of kids write about a topic that doesn't reflect who they truly are. The process takes time, but you should be able to read your final copy and be totally amazed with what you've done.</p>

<p>What I have really learned is to use a unique voice, thanks to a lot of literature I have read over the past years. If an admission counselor can read your essay, and know exactly the tone and style of what you're saying, it will aid to the piece. Imagine your favorite actor, TV personality or author reading something you wrote. Try to make the voice correlate to the topic at hand.</p>

<p> about if I were to choose to talk about the poverty I saw in India during a summer visit and how it has not only changed my view of the world and the vast number of people thant need help but also helped me realize that I should make full use of all the facilities I have and help others. (I just had a idea while typing this message, it's kind of like Siddartha Gauthama, the guy who created buddisim since his encounter with the poor led him to give up his throne and money and instead work on creating the idealony we know today as Buddism.</p>