Help with e-mail

<p>My son is trying to sign in to his e-mail with no success. He has already created an account. Unfortunately tech support is closed for the day. Can anyone help with this? Can you confirm the place to sign in? He also has tried to use his username and same e-mail password unsuccessfully on other Brown sites. Thanks for your help!</p>

<p>Go here: myAccount</a> :: Account Activation</p>

<p>Then you just need the banner ID number that should be at the top of some correspondence from Brown.</p>

<p>My daughter's regular user name and password also stopped working recently for no apparently reason. She emailed them last night about it and I don't know if she has heard back. But that problem did not prevent her from setting up her Brown email.</p>

<p>Thanks so much. Actually he is activated, but his e-mail doesn't work. I guess he'll have to wait until Monday to call.</p>