help with fafsa

<p>i’ve never applied for fafsa before…
i dono which one i should apply for…</p>

<li>federal student financial aid</li>
<li>state student financial aid</li>
<li>school student financial aid</li>

<p>and what are the differences??</p>

<p>please help…or my parents are going to shout again ><</p>

<p>i am not sure what u mean, but fafsa stands for federal student aid</p>

<p>if i missed the deadline, i have to wait for the next time (that means next year) to apply?</p>

<li>federal student financial aid: fafsa, apply, you haven't missed the deadlines for the state schools</li>
<li>state student financial aid: apply, for our state, we have until the end of the school year to do it. btw, it is a different application,not fafsa</li>
<li>school student financial aid: these you wold have to contact the school directly to see if you get anything. i think like merit aid. for most schools they use the fafsa and the state aid report, but for others, the have their own specific application for aid too. for example, american wants the FAFSA and you have to fill out their financial aid form. deadlines for most selective schools have already passed.</li>

thank you so much jessy</p>