Help with Harvard Extension School ( HES ) ?

<p>It is my understanding that that HES, grants associates degrees. If Maintaining a very high GPA, would it be likely to transfer to a well ranked University such as Northwestern or Dartmouth. I speak 4 Languages : English(Given), Native Spanish, Fluent Portuguese, Mandarin ( HSK adv. B ). I want to be involved as much as I can in any student groups. I am also a member of Mensa. I have decent professional work experience, compared to the majority of similar undergraduate students. I also have access to VERY strong letters of Recommendation by well reputed people. </p>

<p>Normally I'd be confident but I find that often times feel disadvantaged as opposed to someone that got accepted to a prestigious university right off the bat from High School.</p>

<p>So in this lapse of ignorance please try to educate me on my options.
I have tried compiling information online, but I find that personal experience such as that found on Message Boards tend to be the best.</p>


<p>P.S If I attend HES will I have access to some recruiters? I want to drop a resume and hopefully intern as a summer associate.</p>

<p>HES is designed for working adults. You could take classes there, but you'd miss 90% of what makes Harvard Harvard. HES students aren't offered campus housing, which is where most of the social life and much of the extracurricular life takes place. Off-campus housing is incredibly expensive in Cambridge. It's not an option that would make sense for most traditional students.</p>