Help with housing!!!!

<p>So I'm a new freshman here at UCLA, and I was assigned Saxon Suites as my dorm. However, I was extremely disappointed when I visited there. It was very dark and anti-social, and there was no air conditioning... I am still adjusting to UCLA, and a housing like Saxons could make me feel gloomy and do harms.... forgive me for being sentimental but I really want to live in a place like Rieber Terrace....
I just submitted a transfer request....But does anyone know how likely it is for me to transfer into a plaza?? Also, when is the closest possible time for me to move out of Saxons suggest I make my transfer request??</p>

<p>THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!</p>

<p>it's probably not hard to transfer to a plaza, but rieber terrace may be a little more difficult because it is considered as the nicest plaza. Still, it's not entirely impossible because I did live in rieber terrace for my freshmen year. But trust me, it's not exactly the best socializing dorm for freshmen because people live there are mostly second/third year ('cuz we get to choose).</p>

<p>Now that it has passed the room change request in the summer, you may need to attend room swap event during the quarter and change your room in winter quarter. Still, if you want more information, you should go ask your RA.</p>

<p>thanks so much for replying!! so I do have to live in Saxons for at least a quarter regardless...</p>

<p>They hold a room transfer swap every quarter. So, will only have to live there for a quarter; assuming that someone inclines to exchange rooms with you.</p>