Help with letter of reccomendation

<p>So far I've convinced the arch bishop of Atlanta (Wilton D. Gregory) to write my letter of recommendation, however i'm not sure if this counts towards the required counselor/teacher recommendation. Any advice? Should I even take this recommendation from him?</p>

<p>Dear Luong:</p>

<p>I am writing at the request of Archbishop Gregory in response to your email on August 1st. The archbishop is traveling for the next two weeks; however, he would be happy to write a formal letter of recommendation for you to Notre Dame when he returns. He asks that you provide him with some information that will assist him in composing the letter. Please provide him with some personal background, your current school and expected date of graduation, what activities you are engaged in at school and Our Lady of Vietnam, how many siblings you have, whether anyone from your family has attended Notre Dame, your parentsÂ’ names, and a mailing address. All of this information will help the archbishop to compose a letter that reflects some personal background and knowledge of you.</p>

<p>God Bless,</p>

<p>Laura Doroski
Administrative Assistant
Office of the Archbishop</p>

<p>NEW Contact information</p>

<p>Phone: 404-920-7304
Fax: 404-920-7301</p>

<p>2401 Lake Park Drive
Smyrna, GA 30080</p>

<p>Wow, it sounds like he might do this a lot. Would you be impressed from a letter from him knowing he writes them for people who ask? I mean based on that email, it seems a little fill in the blank. </p>

<p>Note: Eagle scouts can get lots of letters congratulating them for their accomplishments from all kinds of people..doesn't make them special.</p>

<p>Why would you want a letter of recommendation from someone who doesn't know you? And what would it mean to admissions officers? Also, unless ND has changed its policy, it requests recommendations from ONLY your guidance counselor and one teacher.</p>

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions requires two letters of evaluation from every applicant. We do not encourage additional letters of recommendation. Your guidance counselor will complete a counselor evaluation, which helps us gauge your performance in your high school environment. Usually guidance counselors will include a short personal letter of evaluation. One of your high school teachers will complete the second letter of evaluation. It will assess your performance in class as well as your character and personality. You may choose any high school teacher to write your letter of evaluation, as long as he or she has taught you in an academic subject area (math, science, English, social science, or foreign language) and knows you well.</p>