Help with Model UN Preparation

<p>I'm going to a Model UN conference in a couple weeks. I've never been to one, so I'm wondering if people have some tips as to how to best prepare to get the most out of the experience. Thanks.</p>

<p>I wish I could help you, but I've never done a model UN thing.</p>

<p>I don't even really know what it is, actually. I saw a Mary-Kate/Ashley movie a long time ago, and I think they did something like that? It looked fun, lol.</p>

<p>But anyways, you could probably try googling "model un preparation" or something like that. Good luck!</p>

<p>Model Un is nothing like that stupid mary kate and ashley movie. you have to be more formal and proper. Which conference r u going to?</p>


<p>Anyone have ideas for how to get ready?</p>

<p>Read up on your issues. Knowing your facts will make or break your experience. Oh, and know your country's position. Identify which countries you can form a bloc with. Is the conference Harvard style?</p>

<p>just dont be scared to talk a lot (ESP at the beginning) and you'll do fine. Looking smart is half the battle, so dress well. At the beginning, go around with a firm handshake and introduce yourself to every country, EVEN the kids in the back that don't do anything. You might need their votes later in the conference. </p>

<p>above all, build coalitions/relationships and be well-mannered.</p>

<p>how I can increase my chances of getting an award? my school is doing the harvard meet.</p>