Help with my GPA

I am applying out of state to 2 California schools, San Francisco State University and California State University Fresno, and they want my GPA but I don’t understand their formula.

I do know that my GPA from my school is a 3.74/4.5, we use a weighted scale.

Should I just do the math and change it to a 4.0 scale and put my GPA down at 3.3? Or what? UC’s directions are so confusing.

And can I use the Nov 6 SAT score for the applications? I know the apps have to be in by Nov 30 and I get the scores the 19th, is it still good for them? I want to see if I did better before i submit my old one.


<p>Anyoen? Bumping this</p>

<p>Why don't you call them and ask? I'm in CA and agree - very confusing instructions...don't you get your school to send the transcript showing your GPA?
If it were me, I would probably put 3.75 weighted, but the UC's and CSU's have their own way of doing things as you know.</p>

<p>So the best thing would be to call them and have them help me recalculate my GPA? And my school would send the GPA as 3.74/4.5</p>