Help with my "why Cornell" essay?

I’m writing my essay for Cornell and I’m getting stuck on the part of why I choose Cornell. I’m trying to say that I like Cornell’s project teams because my goal is to become an entrepreneur and teach me the skills that I will need in future entrepreneurial projects.


Cornell’s project teams would be instrumental in helping me achieve my goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Group like the ACM Programing Team and Cornell App Development team would give me the hands on experience in product development. Through these group projects I will be given enough supervision and guidance, but at the same time not limited to what I would learn in a classroom or from a textbook. They will also give me a chance to network with other ambitious students like myself who will also help me in future entrepreneurial endeavors.

I am currently writing all of my “why us” essays, and so far I’ve gathered that the purpose is to demonstrate why you fit with these programs. It’s easy to ramble on about how great a school’s program is (that is why were are applying!) but making it relate to who you are is that next step. For instance, in one of my essays, I link the school’s broad curriculum and push for interdisciplinary studies with my love for reading everything from philosophy to history to fiction. If you PM me, I’ll send you some snippets form applications that I already submitted.
Make sure your essays are specific: professors, extracurriculars, classes, etc!