Help With Nyu Please?!

<p>I want to be a dentist .... NYU has a great dentistry school right?? But since you attend it after you graduate from a 4 year undergrad it not worth the money to go to NYU as an undergrad school? I would go if my family was rich but we aren't and from what I hear NYU's financial aid is kind of bad.... Should I just go to a different school then apply to NYU dentistry after?</p>

<p>It's true tht nyu doesn't give too much for financial aid, but u should apply there anyways, see how much they give u. although u can apply from any college, i'm pretty sure nyu gives a slight bit of preference to its own students, its true for its med school too. maybe u should post ur stats too, u might get an estimate of how much merit scholarship u'd get.</p>

<p>Merit aid is very hard to predict I think. There are just no exact formulas. You just have to apply and if you get in, wait to find out. You'll have enough time to make your final decision after you know the amount.</p>

<p>ya i wasnt going to apply to NYU because i could never afford it, but i applied for kicks and when i got my financial aid decision i was surprised. they gave me enough aid to make the cost of attending almost equivalent to attending a public school. so you should apply and see what happens</p>