Help with Precalc-level math questions! (Even / Odd Functions)

<p>I know this is pathetic. I took pre-calc last year, and we were given a review assignment for the summer before Calc BC. I’ve completely forgotten even-odd functions! Somebody, ANYBODY, help me!</p>

<p>Determine whether the given function is even, odd, or neither.</p>

<li>y = sec x tan x</li>
<li>y = (x^4 + 1) / (x^3 - 2x)</li>
<li>y = 1 - sin x</li>
<li>y = x + cos x</li>
<li>y = rad(x^4 - 1)</li>

<p>I feel so incredibly dumb for needing help with these, as I feel like I should know them, but I don’t. Any help is greatly appreciated, more than you can know haha.</p>

<p>Of course you'll get help here, but can't you look up this topic in a book?
You won't have trouble answering those questions.</p>

<p>"If you need immediate assistance", just say so.</p>

<p>Sorry, after some googling I found what i was looking for. the f(x) = -f(x) and -f(x) = f(-x) stuff wasn't going through, but I found a very simple explanation that I am going to use having to do with symmetry. So much easier.</p>

<p>yea. evens are semetri to y-axis. and odds are semetric to x-axis</p>