help with schedule please :]

<p>I am going to be a sophomore, but i need to plan my schedule out so that i can take ap physics c in 11th grade with ap chem and i was wondering if physics C: mechanics and physics C: electro and mag are one class, or 2 classes..? Thanks :]</p>

<p>sophomore schedule</p>

<p>Span 2 ( 0 per)
H precalc/trig
Ap Bio
Ap Euro
Ap Psych or Comp Sci
H Eng 10
Tennis Team</p>

<p>I already read through a bunch of euro ap prep books in my history class, cause i was bored so that is going to be really easy. Ap psych and comp sci are like no h.w either. </p>

<p>Would you guys personally choose psych or comp sci? Comp sci would take up some of my credits and is supposed to be more difficult. If i take ap psych im going to have to take ap comp sci in 12th grade but if i take ap comp sci now, i dont have to take psych in 12th, if something else peeks my interest. I already signed up for psych but i can always change my schedule around. Thanks.</p>

<p>unfortunately this is the most difficult schedule i can get without kicking out tennis team which i love, but i am also going to take some college classes. Most of the science classes i wanna take at college have precalc as a prereq. so i have to take social sciences and electives e.g socio, pol sci, philosophy, music classes, would it still be a good idea?</p>

<p>AP Physics was a one year, 2-semester course at my daughter's high school, covering all portions of the AP Physics C test. The text was Halliday, Resnick and Walker. I've learned that different schools offer physics in different ways, so the best approach is to ask your school about the course (unless you're homeschooled, of course).</p>

<p>Take courses you're interested in. Do you really want to learn Psych? If so, take that course. Are you really interested in engineering, computer science, or physics? If so, part of the preparation involves familiarity with programming.</p>