Help with schedule?

<p>So I am a sophmore and to give you some background, as a freshman my classes were :</p>

<p>Honors Bio
Honors English
Adv Geometry
US History
Spanish 2
Latin 1
Web Design


<p>Honors Chem
Honors English
Adv Alg II
Honors World History
Spanish 3
Latin 2
Earth & Space

<p>Basically I want to take all the AP Science classes. However, I only started thinking of this in October and if I want to take all the AP science classes I will have to double up. The thing is, that means I have to take out a language because I need that space.
So the questions I have are:</p>

<p>Will quitting a language look bad? (It most likely will be Latin since this is my second year) </p>

<p>How stressful will my workload be?
(I would guess that my schedule for junior year would be APUSH, Honors Spanish 4, PE/Health, Adv Pre-Calc, Either AP English or some other English class, AP Bio, Honors Physics, and an elective.) </p>

<p>(Senior year: Honors Spanish 5, PE/Health, AP Calc (it is either AP or Honors..can't remember), some English class, AP Chem, AP Physics, an elective, and I have a spot for whatever class. )
*My main worry is senior year with AP Chem & AP Physics because I do not like Chem and I feel that Physics will be extremely difficult.</p>

<p>This post may seem a bit confusing because I don't know how to explain my problem without writing a whole essay, but basically what advice do you have for taking AP Bio, AP Physics, and AP Chem. I definitely want to take AP Bio in school but I don't know if I should consider self studying for AP Physics & Chem.</p>

<p>I can't comment on how hard doubling up in AP science would be (I'm not taking any science at all this year haha) but as for dropping a language, I don't think it'll hurt you since you won't be dropping language altogether. As long as you're taking at least one foreign language you should be all set :)</p>

<p>Ok, I just didn't want it to seem like a "quitter" if you know what I mean?</p>

<p>If you were dropping it to have more free time, that would be a valid concern (although that could still be the right decision). But you're switching from doubling up in languages to doubling up in science, so I don't think you have to worry at all.</p>