Help with the application requirements? Very confused

Hi everyone! I’m a senior in high school and Soka is my DREAM school. I did not find out about it until it was too late to apply for the fall of 2016 so I’ll be applying for the entering class of 2017. I was a bit confused however because on their website, under application requirements, they ask for your grades from years 9-11. I found this a bit odd. Do they not consider your senior year grades? I thought it does make sense a little since in Japan they only have 3 years of high school. But maybe it’s a typo of some sort?

My gpa is well below average for this school (3.1) I had a family crisis freshman year and couldn’t handle high school (gpa was a 2.3), but throughout time I grew to manage my responsibilities and finished my junior year with a 3.5. Right now sadly my mental health is deteriorating and my grades are hurting a bit, so I would not mind if my senior grades weren’t included haha. Thank you!

I hope they consider senior year grades… Maybe you can email/call and ask them?
Idk, I got rejected with a 3.8 so…