help with UC transferable credits?

<p>hey everyone, </p>

<p>does anyone know where I can get information on how to satisfy the 60 UC transfer requirements for UC Berkeley coming from a four year private institution?</p>

<p>I am currently a attending the University of San Diego (will be sophomore next year) and want to apply to Berkeley for the following academic school year. I have essentially satisfied all of the GE's due to AP tests and courses I took at Community College throughout high school. However, I don't know which of my classes/test will satisfy the UC transferable courses requirement since all of the information online ( is for CC students only. I will be taking upper division courses from now on for my major at USD, but I want to make sure the classes I have taken satisfy the requirements in order to be eligible to apply.</p>


<p>Speak with a counselor. You’re probably fine just continuing to take your classes. Most of the non-transferable courses are remedial math/english classes and technical/practical classes like if you’re trying to get a certificate in cosmetology or music production or whatever and have to spend a ton of time in the studio.</p>