Help with urban/suburban school chances

<p>Can you help with chances or make suggestions for me. Ideally, I'd like a school that's not too huge, has access to a city, students who are concerned with social action, and with a good balance of academics and outside life.</p>

<p>SAT V 760 M 640 (will try to improve math--get better scores on practice-but screw up on test)
SAT II's 710, 680, 680
GPA 3.9 Weighted 4.6</p>

<p>8 AP's 4's and 5's on tests </p>

<p>My list of schools so far includes: Tufts, Brown, Brandeis, Emory, Tulane, Michigan </p>

<p>Interests :environmental sci and enviro policy--major may be geo sci or may lean more toward policy and have geo sci/enviro sci as minor</p>

<p>Internship with enviro agency --will have good rec</p>

<p>Community service: hundreds of hours including tutoring, peer counseling, homeless shelters</p>

<p>Intramural sports</p>

<p>Work 10-15 hours week</p>

<p>I have similar interests and stats and applied to some of the same schools--have you looked at Duke or Vanderbilt?</p>

<p>I think I'm a better fit with the atmosphere of the schools I've mentioned. Anyone willing to assess my chances?

<p>I think you're in at Brandeis, but I don't know the school's reputation in geo sci/enviro sci.</p>

<p>Brandeis has an enviro minor that I like and I think I would be happy there. </p>

<p>How about my chances at the other schools?</p>

<p>My counselor is encouraging me to add a "true" safety--but I haven't been able identify one that I'd really want to go to. Do I need to add a safety? If so, can you make suggestions.</p>